By: Phuong Dao August 20, 2023

The Nolita Collection Boast A Townie Vibe
Inspirations of eclectic romanticism brings us to a city in New York where we'd like to hang. With surrounding city scapes we feel like apart of the high energy. Stepping back we are transported to Nolita where we feel a free living lifestyle with an outwardly expression of "it's the little things that matter".
Our Nolita 2023-2024 Collection is inspired by this urban neighborhood.
Nolita, "North of Little Italy", is a recently designated neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City.

    A neighborhood that combines downtown lifestyle with a cozy, quaint vibe.

      Outdoor lounging on picturesque streets, discovering hidden finds at chic boutiques and art galleries, and dinner and drinks that extend late into the night.

        The effortlessly cool charm of this small but vibrant neighborhood.


        By: Compass

        Nolita invites you to take a deep breath and relax. This neighborhood is brimming with a subtle energy that says life can - and should be - just a little bit simpler.

        In Nolita, residents know and see each other often. As you walk down the street, you won’t be surprised to see neighbors sharing casual exchanges with each other.

        The friendly, welcoming atmosphere makes Nolita feel like a tried-and-true community in the heart of the city.

        Nolita feels like an intimate neighborhood where you can go to escape the crowds of SoHo or tourists passing through Little Italy to experience a quiet moment of your own.

        The streets of Nolita look like outdoor galleries where brick walls become a colorful backdrop for passersby.

        Here, you have all of downtown at your fingertips, but get to come home to a family-like community. The small, homey details combine to make it a truly unique part of Manhattan.

        That's why there’s no need for boasting or bravado when it comes to this neighborhood. The quiet elegance of Nolita more than speaks for itself.


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