Are all your items manufactured in Southern California, USA?  


  Yes, we are a California based apparel brand that is inspired by wellness and fitness. Every piece of clothing is made and manufactured in California, USA. 

We hear that you source your fabrics ethically, is that right?   

  We do. We  believe in making sure every part of our products are made ethically, ensuring that all who had a hand in our products have been treated with fair wages, reasonable hours, and are placed in good environments. 

Does that mean that your manufacturing is also ethically driven?     

 That's right. We partnered with the best, ethical factories in Los Angeles and follow all guidelines to take part in caring for our people and our planet, in keeping the environment clean and always growing for positive change.

How is manufacturing and sourcing your ethically made products good for the economy in USA?  

  We decided that working and taking part of the apparel industry in Southern California, would not only help us but we are able to give back to the community at the same time.

How do you choose your fabrics?  

  Our fabrics are sourced and tested to ensure quality and longevity. We use high quality threads and work with ethical fabric mills to bring you the most sought after materials in making our streamline Earth-conscious inspired activewear styles. 

How do you choose each color made for the specific garment?  

  One of the most creative and lengthy process in making a completed garment is choosing the right colors, dyes, and treatment. We make sure that each color and color process being chosen does not compromise the look and feel of any of our pieces.

Why can I find some leggings for less than $20 and some for over $100?  

  Because, we are able to work with the best fabric mills and buyers in USA we can choose our standards and that is high quality retention fabric that sculpts and feels comfortably soothing. Most leggings that are found for much cheaper are usually thinner woven fabrics that cause a see through appearance. They will not last as long or have the most updated look and style and are considered lesser quality. You will also find that our leggings in comparison to the leading brand name in leggings are outsourced from other countries and not made in USA but still cost the same. So, at Earth Body we are not as profitable but still want to stick with our approach to keeping opportunity in the US.

Have you recently changed your brand name?

   Yes, we launched with a previous brand and have rebranded our line to become Earth Body. The founders roots started in Los Angeles and has grown and expanded into a eco-conscious and sustainable brand that also focuses on the mind-body-spirit's wellness that comes from physical, mental and spiritual health.

EARTH BODY, supports the goals of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (the “Act”) and strives to follow the human rights and fair labor practices throughout its business and activities. We made sure that all our clothing are the best quality you can feel and quality that can last. We thank you for participating in giving back to the community and want to assure you we have worked hard in giving you the best!