How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat, The Slow Fashion Way

To Women,
There is one thing that can help, to understand how to lose the "stubborn" belly fat. Let's begin by a couple of interesting facts about the human anatomy. 
Women and the types of fat (adipose tissue) we carry. (This list also includes men).
  1. White fat – These large round cells are the most abundant type and are designed for fat storage, accumulating in the belly, thighs, and hips.
  2. Essential fat – This type may be made up of brown, white, or beige fat. The body uses this fat to burn for energy. It is vital for regulating important bodily functions.
  3. Pink fat – Pink fat is during pregnancy and lactation, producing breast milk.
  4. Brown fat – Is made to keep a body warm. It is stimulated by cold temperatures to generate heat.
  5. Beige fat – This type of white fat can be converted to perform similar traits as brown fat, such as being able to generate heat with exposure to cold temperatures or during exercise.

Location of the fat depots:

  • Subcutaneous – You can pinch this layer of fat that sits directly underneath the skin’s surface, cushioning the bones and joints. It’s the body’s most abundant type of fat and tends to accumulate around the waist, hips, upper back, buttocks, and thighs. 
  • Visceral – An excess of this type of white fat is sometimes referred to as “belly fat” or “central obesity,” as it accumulates deep in the abdominal cavity, wrapping around digestive organs like the pancreas, intestines, and liver but also the heart. 

Now that you've understood a little bit of information about body fat we can know a little more on how to lose it.

Women do not lose much fat by dieting alone. Women lose more fat through exercise if they are not overeating. So if you are very good at diets and not exercise, you may not lose much fat. If you exercise regularly at the recommended amount of time and velocity a day with dieting, you will be looking at losing the weight you want. So, if you can do more exercise that can greatly help with the visceral fat your wanting to lose. 

In my experience increasing/higher heart rate during exercise leads to more fat burning. Walks will do the trick over a long period of time but more fast pace exercise will do the trick faster and greater.

There is no instant weight loss other than the surgical kind for losing weight so if you would like to eat healthy and include exercise you will lose fat the slower way but it is the less invasive way and will be healthier while doing so.

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Thank you for reading this weeks health blog on getting rid of the unwanted belly fat.

-PD ❦

This does not include people who have other health problems associated with weight and/or weight gain. 

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