Can You Get A Coffee Belly?

For those who drink cups of coffee per day and wonder if your adding weight to your body just like the way beer does. This article includes you and for curious readers who would like to know about coffee and its effects on the tummy. The simple answer is, yes. There are "if's" associated to this answer. The if's are:

  1. If you add sweeteners with the same calories as beer does. One can of beer is around 150 calories. If you want to add a 1:1 ratio just like the amount of beer to a cup of coffee.
  2. If you have one or several cups of coffee that has added calories that do not get burned off.

Getting a beer belly is from added calories that do not get burned off causing your waistline area to protrude outwards or over the belly causing it to belly out.

Alcohol does affect the mid-section as it gets processed through the liver.

Age, gender and hormones play into fatty areas in men and women. Men gain weight mostly around their tummies. Women's are mostly hips, arms, tummy and other areas.

Overall any sugary or high calorie-drink or food can cause a belly (belly fat).

Coffee is a stimulant and causes adrenaline to rush through to the brain. Getting that extra kick in energy. 

Alcohol is considered a depressant because it slows down brain functioning. 

What you choose can affect the style of activity after your drink.

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