This Sophisticated Basic Caught My Eye

This caught my eye as I am religiously looking for the perfect pair of jeans and I know for some it's so hard. Simple looks can go a long way when you have it right. What I'm always also in search for is tops. The right top would go with everything and in this case the right top is not super jazzy but makes the look come together. The look here is sophisticated basic. You don't want to be overdone for a day look and you need to show your style so addingin a trench is so very cool. So get a pair of barrel jeans and a white tank and grab a long coat. Now you are ready for the casual it girl everyday look. I recommend the Centre Notch Tank in Salt color for a rematch look. It's a fitted tank that I think does the job, better- I dare say : ) Sorry, Camila your look is great too!Thanks for reading this weeks rematch travelers blog.

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View: Centre Cropped with Center Notch Tank

Centre Notch Tank is apart of the Sculpt-Body Collections and is a custom made and milled fabric exclusive to the brand. USA, Origins. American Made.